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The next shock will come

Whether you run a business, lead a team or have people who depend on you, in today’s uncertain and increasingly unstable world you want to be ready to respond effectively.

Recent history has proven that an unexpected crisis has the potential to turn our world upside down without warning. Things can get bad, but there is always a way through.

From one of the most widely quoted creative industry leaders, The Flexible Method is a tried and tested approach to preparing for and leading through crisis.  

Drawing on hard-won lessons from past crises and offering real world solutions, this book will help you to build a plan you can lean on in challenging times ahead. With 16 concise lessons on taking care of your team, your finances and yourself, this is a guide to emerging from disasters stronger and fitter. 

Act now to look after your people, lead your team and outstrip your industry when crisis hits.

How to survive and thrive

James Burstall


James Burstall is CEO of Argonon, an award-winning world leading independent television production company. By adopting The Flexible Method, Argonon emerged from Covid-19 with only a single figure fall in revenue and an increased headcount, in an industry which was devastated. Burstall studied at Stanford Graduate School and regularly speaks at Said Business School.


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